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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

A Very Merry Christmas

Miles' First Christmastime

This has been a wonderful time of celebration, visiting, and amazing food.  Miles and I got to spend lots and lots of time together this Christmas - I am so blessed to have to much time off as a teacher.

We got packages from loved ones far away (Thank you to Grandpa; Amie, GrandDave, Scotty, Sara, Spencer, and Olivia; and of course to Santa!), and cards and pictures from so many more!

To start of the picture update, let's go back about 3 weeks to when Miles was starting to move more...

Cruising - he's getting so big

One week before Christmas Eve:
Sophia's Birthday Partyrock

At Nona Babsie's pre-Christmas luncheon, 
playing with Bear

"Wait, do I like this?"

Miles getting kisses

Miles is up past his bedtime,
watching Rudolph with Daddy

December 23rd: Dinner with the Dautriches
Daniella's yummy pumpkin bread!

Christmas Eve:
Waking up with Bubs

Miles' Halloween pumpkin - 
I used it on the 26th

Fresh sage, rosemary, & thyme
for the turkey rub

Mashed potatoes, peas amandine,
and cranberry sauce from scratch

Delicious spread of cheese, crackers, and grapes
(Thank you James!)

The aftermath of mixing and mashing the cranberries

Our Christmas Eve Feast!

The feast and the fam

Miles' turkey dinner

"Turkey Vegetable Dinner"

He must've liked it:
it's all gone!

Fabulous home made pecan pie
from Jenny

Christmas Day:
Check out all the loot!

Checking Santa's cookies & milk

Our stockings!

Playing with new friends from Ammy & GrandDave

Miles was more interested in the table leg

Cool elephant toy from Grandpa

After church, we went to Michelle's:
The grandkids

Classic toy from Nona

December 26th:
Waking up and staying in our jammies

Miles' pumpkin turned into this:

Pumpkin dump cake, a la mode

Merry Christmas

Love to all of you from the Browns. 

Friday, December 16, 2011

Jingle Bubs

Eight months has come quickly and gone 
- I mean, we're halfway through the month already!!!  Here we are, eight months, two weeks, and three days.  Miles is growing fast, and we're trying to savor every moment.

The latest:
* Miles likes to make the /p/ and /f/ sounds.  He sort of whispers them, especially when he's just woken up.
* He has a voracious appetite - and boy, is he adventurous!  Miles will eat pretty much anything.
* Oh, he likes to try to feed himself - with his hands, his spoon, off the table, whatevs.
* When Bubs is cranky, the Christmas tree calms him right down - especially when we turn the lights on.
* Miles loves when James sings - something about Daddy's voice calms him.  We were singing "Baby, it's Cold Outside" a few days ago, while Baby was playing in his room.
* He was CRUISING yesterday!  That is, he was walking around his playpen, holding onto the rails.  AHHH!!!  I'll try to catch it on video soon.

As promised, here is the video of Jingle Bubs:

My favorite part of this vid is his crazy, excited noise at the end.  He cracks me up!

Psychedelic light show in our living room
(Miles is sort of uninterested)

We lubs this chubs Bubs.

The living room with the flash

One of Miles' favorites to try to grab: 
The peacock ornament

Here are a few after his bath last night.  He's so handsome!

Love this smile.



James totally makes this face.

Uh oh, what does he see?

"Ah-ha!  I can almost reach this one!"

This Christmas break has already been wonderful - hanging out with Miles in the morning, then letting him play at the Petersen Family Daycare for a few hours, getting some cleaning and yard work done.  Then next week, we'll be home all day, e'ry day.  I'm excited to just spend time with Miles, and get to see James every afternoon, not having to worry about lessons or behavior issues in my classroom.

It should be a sweet first Christmas for Baby.  We'll be here Christmas Eve, and I'm making a turkey again this year, with all the trimmings.  It'll just be us, so if you're in the mood for a yummy dinner, let me know, we'll have plenty for a few more!

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Tree Hunting

These are some photos from when we went to pick up our Christmas tree on December 3rd.  We started out at Home Depot, hoping to use some of our gift card money from the housewarming.  It didn't feel right because they don't have the trees set up, and open.  They're all wrapped and tied, like hams.

So we ventured from HD down to the Parkview Nursery off of Magnolia and Jackson... but they were closed.

We ended up at a large, well-lit Christmas tree lot on Magnolia between Adams and Madison.  It was super cold, and Bubs didn't seem to mind.  He loves being outside.

Inside Home Depot, comfy and smiling

Gazing at the trees in the lot

Family Photo looking for noble firs

"What do you think of this one?"

Considering all his options

The photo opportunity:  a weird sleigh

Miles thought this tree was made
of snacks - and almost ate a piece of it! 

Our tree, tied to the car 

Back home, chillin' 

Crawling.  Word. 

Hooray for first Christmas things!  More to come soon.